Hi... I'm Egbert Hertsen and I'm glad to have you as a visitor.
Remember 1961? That year the Berlin Wall was built and Yuri Gagarin happened to be the first man in space. I was born on November 18 of that famous year.

Since my childhood, I've been living in Mechelen , a city with some 80,000 inhabitants located in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. My parents once gave me a small shortwave receiver as Christmas gift... at that time they didn't have the slightest idea it was meant to become my greatest passion...


Sounds cryptic?

This page is all about amateur radio... No, that's definitely not CB or broadcasting some music program on your transistor radio... My radio callsign is ON4CAS.
Unfamiliar what amateur radio is all about? A good start should be the introduction link on the navigation bar on top of this page.


Sounds familiar?

Whether you're a HAM radio operator yourself or just familiar with this magnificent hobby the ON4CAS & his passion link will reveal in inside look into my amateur radio activities.